Click on the links below to see data from some of Washington’s documents transformed into visual representations of content.

Account Book 2, 1767-1775

GW’s account book – “Account Book 2, 1767-1775” (available online at the Library of Congress) – is compiled of copies of his business correspondence, invoices, and so forth. The original copies he wrote were sent to the merchants who were located within the American colonies, England, Ireland, and even Jamaica. Robert Cary and Co., a merchant company located in London, England, also sent GW a number of invoices detailing the costs of the goods which GW had requested from them. Included are a number of charts displaying different aspects of the information found solely within this account book.

Revolutionary War Accounts, Vouchers, and Receipted Accounts 3, 1784

GW’s account book – “Revolutionary War Accounts, Vouchers, and Receipted Accounts 3, 1784” (available online at the Library of Congress) – records his expenses to and from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was traveling to attend a meeting of the Society of Cincinnati, a patriotic organization established in 1783. GW brought three servants and five horses on this trip and the group stopped at several taverns for food and lodging. These stops and expenses are detailed in a number of individual receipts found within the book. Included on this page are visualizations of George Washington’s journey.

Virginia Colonial Militia Accounts, 1755-1758

GW’s account book – “Virginia Colonial Militia Accounts, 1755-1758” (available online at the Library of Congress) – is a book of receipts and expenditures for munitions, recruiting, supplies, spying, etc. The visualization included illustrates with whom GW had transactions and how many transactions they had within this particular account book.