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Questions — Out in the Real World: GW Surveys the Scene

See image of survey for Henry Enoch, 23 April 1759, at bottom, to answer these questions. A pencil and paper might come in handy here.
1. Glance over the text of the survey. How would you know that you were at the point B of this property?

2. How many feet long is each of the lines of Henry Enoch's property? (Use the number before "Po." on the sketch.)
[2 poles = 33 feet]

If you walked the perimeter of his property, how many miles would you have gone?
[ 1 mile=5,280 feet]

3. Looking at the plat, what features of this land would make it particularly valuable?
The 388-acre tract that Washington surveyed for Henry Enoch at the fork of the Cacapon and North rivers on 23 April 1750 became the site of Enoch's fort during the French and Indian War.
Courtesy Princeton University, deCoppet Collection, W.W. Abbot, ed., The Papers of George Washington, Colonial Series, v.1, 1748-August 1755 (Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1983), 24.