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George Washington by Gilbert Stuart

After Americans won the Revolutionary War, they set up a government known as the Articles of Confederation. This government, however, was very weak, and in the summer of 1787, a group met in Philadelphia to revise the Articles. What they came up with instead was a whole new government. George Washington attended this constitutional convention, serving as president of the group.

In the spring of 1789, after eleven out of the thirteen states had approved the new constitution, he then journeyed from Virginia to New York City, where the federal government was located.

As the first-ever president of the United States, Washington was responsible for figuring out how the President would do his job, what he would be called, and how he would live. Many people were worried that the president would become another king, with too much power and ceremony, so President Washington was careful how he went about his business.

Four years later, he was re-elected to serve another term. During his eight years as president, Washington was concerned with showing that the new country would defend its western boundaries. He also supported moving the capital to Washington, D.C. (link here for map)

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