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George Washington’s Ledger Book 1, 1750-1772, Folio 1, Left Side. Library of Congress, Manuscript Division.

The George Washington Financial Papers Project (GWFPP) is a digital-only documentary edition, which will culminate in the creation of a free-access Internet database containing accurate transcriptions of Washington’s financial documents, including ledgers, account books, receipts and other items. Users will be able to read transcriptions of the financial documents; search those documents for people, places, commodities, and currencies; perform searches that trace and compare transactions by type, individual, and content over any time period; download data; follow links to related correspondence in a Washington Papers Digital Edition; and use a multitude of other functions.

Project Background

Making Washington’s financial papers accessible had been an early goal of the Project, but given their complexity and our means of publication, very little had been done. In the 1980s we published several pages from Washington’s ledgers in the Colonial Series and over the years have included excerpts from various financial documents in annotation. Print publication, however, is not a viable solution; formatting the numerous types of financial documents would be not only time consuming but also prohibitively expensive. Furthermore, aside from an index, print publication provides no means of performing complex queries or data manipulation. As the Project moved forward with the digital version of the letterpress volumes we began to think about accessibility solutions for the financial papers.

In 2010 we began collaborating with the developers of DocTracker (DT) – Bob Oeste and Mary MacNeil – on how the system might be customized to handle complex financial documents. DocTracker, a content management database for documentary editions, was initially crafted for a born-digital edition – The Dolley Madison Digital Edition. It centralizes and facilitates the complete editorial process: document search and collection, document cataloging, transcription and markup, source-image storage, editorial workflow management, gathering of metadata, annotation, and XML output. Beginning in July 2012 we partnered with the DT development team, along with the Civil War Governors of Kentucky Digital Documentary Edition, to expand DocTracker’s menu of core functions, and to tackle data entry and output requirements of complex documentary materials. A significant part of this expansion included the development of solutions for editing, representing (both transcription and data), and publishing financial documents. The National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) provided funding for the development work and eventual release of the beta and final versions of DocTracker, which will be eventually freely available at

nhprc-logoIn 2013 the National Historical Publications and Records Commission awarded The Papers of George Washington a three-year grant for the Financial Papers Project. Over the next three years, the GWFPP team will work on accomplishing the following goals:

  • digitize document transcriptions from materials in the Papers of George Washington, Series 5, at the Library of Congress as well as Gouverneur Morris’ 1811-1816 account book
  • further develop DT’s financial records functionality
  • develop a web prototype that allows users to perform simple queries and download data
  • write and distribute a guide for creating editions of financial papers

Current Work

We are in the process of importing Series 5 documents into the system so we can begin to check and edit the documents as well as develop specifications for the development of a web prototype. Project updates will be posted to this page and we invite you to send any comments or questions you might have about aspects of the Project.

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To see digital images of the documents, please visit Series 5 at the Library of Congress.

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