The Letterpress Edition

The Diaries were the first completed and constitute six volumes. The correspondence of The Papers of George Washington, 1748–1799, was published chronologically in five series that include not only Washington’s own letters and other papers but also all letters written to him. The ten-volume Colonial Series (1744–1775) takes Washington through the French and Indian War and then focuses on his political and business activities as a Virginia planter before the Revolution. The massive Revolutionary War Series (1775–1783) – still in progress – presents in documents and annotations the myriad military and political matters with which Washington dealt during the long war. The papers for his years at Mount Vernon before becoming president were published in the six-volume Confederation Series (1784–1788). His two-term presidency is being covered in the Presidential Series (1788–1797) – still in progress – and the remaining years of his life at Mount Vernon are presented in the Retirement Series (1797–1799).

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The Digital Edition

A landmark in historical scholarship, The Papers of George Washington Digital Edition encompasses the five separate series and the complete diaries in one online publication. You may search on full text and by date, author, or recipient across all volumes and series. The exceptional indexing of the individual print volumes is combined here into a single master index, and all internal document cross-references are linked. Enclosures and associated documents referenced in the annotation, as well as Washington’s voluminous financial records, will eventually be added to the Digital Edition.

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