Class Uncovers Story About George Washington’s Dentures

It’s not often we find information about George Washington on a website for dental hygiene! Last week, Rachel Martin, a volunteer instructor for a youth-center history program, shared with us how two of her students had found such a resource as part of their class assignment to research the Revolutionary War online. Proud that her students went above and beyond, Martin explained how the students had actually found the resource while further researching George Washington and the Revolutionary War at home. Unsurprisingly, the students were excited to find that a website for dental hygiene described the story and significance of George Washington’s dentures. See what High Ridge Dental has to say about George Washington’s teeth here. Now here’s hoping that Martin’s class enjoys the pizza party they were promised for successfully contacting the Washington Papers!

If your class has questions or information to share about George or Martha Washington, feel free to reach out to us by asking our editors or contacting our office.



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